OMAI Staff/Faculty

The Team

Portrait of Sofía Snow

Sofía Snow

Position title: OMAI Director


Cydney Edwards

Position title: OMAI Associate Director


Mark H.

Position title: OMAI Faculty Artistic Director, Assistant Professor of Directing and Acting in the Department of Theatre and Drama

Dawry Ruiz

Position title: OMAI Financial Specialist, DDEEA Business Services Team Representative

Salima Seale

Position title: OMAI Technical Events Director


Nia Scott

Position title: OMAI Digital Media Manager


Gia Euler-Plath Headshot

Gia P. Euler-Plath

Position title: First Wave Academic Advisor and Outreach Coordinator


Tehan Ketema

Position title: First Wave Post-doctoral Fellow, Art Department

Savion Castro

Position title: First Wave Graduate Assistant and Mentor


Lyric Simonian-Holiday

Position title: OMAI Hip Hop Arts Residency Coordinator, Bolz Center for Arts Administration Applied Learning Placement

General Contact Information

Office of Multicultural Arts Initiatives
First Wave Hip Hop & Urban Arts Scholarship
239 Red Gym
716 Langdon St.
Madison, WI 53706
(608) 890-1006