Tiffany Ike

Position title: Ball and Chain

Ball and Chain Poster

This is a story that explores the realities of our country. It speaks of blackness, masculinity, tokenism, and what it means to deal with love, goals, and relationships while also trying to stay alive or free in a society that doesn’t want you to exist. This tale is embodied through the narrative of a boy named Deandre Washington.

Tiffany Ike is an artist, athlete, and activist from Houston, TX. She currently studies Psychology and Communication Arts at UW-Madison. She is a First Wave Scholar where she continues her art as a visual and spoken word artist. She also works with The JVN project, an organization that uses hip-hop as a tool of empowerment as the Outreach & Development director. She dabbles in different art forms such as singing, photography and likes to involve herself in many activities. She also is a triple jumper  for the UW-Madison Varsity track team. Ice cream is her meal of choice, black sitcoms before 2005 give her life, and every once in a while she relives her hoops dreams at the gym.