Jamie Dawson

Position title: Goddess At Your Feet

Goddess At Your Feet Poster

Inspired by the black musical tradition of masking in which lyrics can represent both the trifling love of a relationship and a trifling system that stands against a person and community, Goddess at Your Feet follows the character Angel as she heals from personal heartbreak while still recognizing the breaking of black bodies from this world as a result of institutional pressures and systematic oppression. Through poetry, dance, and multimedia arts Jamie Dawson cultivates a journey consisting of love, laughs, sacrifice and redemption.

Jamie Dawson is an undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin Madison. After 5 years of building with Heard Em Say Youth Poetry Troupe, she took her talents to the First Wave Hip Hop and Urban Arts Scholarship on campus as a part of the 9th Cohort. Jamie studies Afro American studies, psychology, and is pre-health. Jamie’s pretty cool and brings the sunshine and heat of her hometown, Tampa, Florida, everywhere she goes.