John Paul (JP) Alejandro

Position title: Kaleidoscopes/Collide of Scopes

7th Cohort

Kaleidoscopes/Collide of Scopes Poster

Kaleidoscopes/Collide of Scopes is a dance theatre work that explores the idea that difference is beauty. Often times the world makes us try to become someone else and we start to forget to just be ourselves. Come into this realm to challenge yourself and to explore what is possible in our society for the betterment of our own communities. This ensemble work features choreography and spoken word by John Paul Alejandro along with the guidance of the artistic director, Maureen Janson Heintz.

John Paul “JP” Alejandro is a first-generation Filipino-American spoken word artist, dancer, and designer from the Bay Area of California. He is currently attending UW-Madison and pursuing a double degree in communication arts and dance. He is also part of UW’s First Wave program, which focuses on hip-hop pedagogical studies and activism here on campus. Many of John Paul’s works revolve around ideas of identity, culture, and challenging the systems that work against self-reclamation. John Paul plans to continue to explore his studies in dance which include using the body as a medium for story-telling and combining modern techniques with hip-hop styles.